Helen LeMay

Mrs. LeMay was always concerned about the welfare of the military personnel. While General LeMay fought for better housing and pay for his men, Mrs. LeMay worked hand in hand with him to help start housing programs beginning with the Wherry Housing unit at Offutt. This spread through the rest of the bases. She was instrumental in bringing a group of community leaders together in Omaha, NB, to help the needs of those stationed at Offutt. A common motto was "Taking care of our own," and the LeMays worked to put their ideas into programs to better lives.

Familiar with the plight of wives left behind while their husbands went on TDY assignments, Mrs. LeMay started a "Family Services in the Air Force," a support group for families separated by temporary duty assignments. She was involved with wives clubs. Mrs. LeMay was interested in the helping the whole family, starting Brownie troops in Weisbaden in 1947.

Perhaps the best legacy of the LeMay's was the General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation. Situated in Air Force Village West, (now renamed Altavita) in Riverside, CA, it continues to serve the needs that they discovered during their many years of Active Duty.

Did You Know?

General and Mrs. LeMay's grandson, Charles Lodge, currently serves as the Chairman.